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Some interesting weblinks

This software is a graphical programming environment for creating your own audio-applications and VST-plugins.
Fruityloops is a full stuffed virtual soundstudio with lots of possibilities for music-production and sound-design.
The giant free audio plugin database - Here you'll find thousands of free downloadable VST-Plugins for music production.
This software is a mighty text editor containing a bunch of useful features. The perfect solution for replacing your Windows Notepad.
Here you'll find thousands of free music tracks for download. 100% legal stuff without DRM.
This software is a graphical programming environment for creating your own VST-plugins. Although it's not as shiny as Synthmaker, the usage of the free version is nearly unrestricted.
This website's focus is on hacking and modifying nearly everything what is possible.People show their funny or crazy hardware-projects and innovations of all kinds.
The Midibox Hardware Projekt (MBHP). Here you find all information required for building your own MIDI-controllers or hardware-synths. There's a big community and good documentation.
the company-website of the legendary Waldorf Synths - My absolute soundmonster-favourites are the Microwave and Micro-Q synths.
A very big Synthesizer-knowledgebase from A to Z. You'll find well known and rare unknown synths documented here.
Retti's alias KC's website: computer, electronics and audio... (KC is not "KentuckyChicken"!).
The developer of the furious controversial "POSTAL" game-series. Postal2 as online-multiplayer version is free for download
The POSTAL-Community. Here you'll find maps, mods and fan-stuff from Postal-fans.
Maic-Comics - Jokes from Hessen(a district in Germany) - black,funny and occasionally also a little slippery.
There are various software programs in old to ancient versions which usually are no longer offered on the respective pages of the manufacturer. You can download for example an old Skype version without the annoying Facebook connection or you can start just a fun vintage experience on the Internet by installing an old browser E.g. Opera 2.00 from 1996 (...)
Here you will find pin assignments of all possible devices, cables and connectors from old to new hardware. Ideal if you want to solder or mod or even rebuild somethinhg.
If money does not ever play a role and if a PC keyboard may cost 1000,-euros and if you need some steampunk on your desk, then you should definitely have a look here.
A completely free of charge and registration-free 1-click Filehoster for files up to 100Mb each. Your data is deleted only if there has been no downloaded for 150 days.
If have a bigger amount of data file-upload.net offers completely free upload and download for files up to 800MB each, with a duration of up to one year.